The SaBella FLEX™ is a revolutionary and easy to use patient positioning device for treatment of breast, lung, pelvis and head & neck patients.

The unique patented Dual Axis™ design allows for a much wider range of positions than conventional breast boards allowing clinicians to achieve more accurate treatment and better patient outcomes. The SaBella Flex can also be used flat as a wing board.
  •  Easy to set-up, precision accuracy and comfortable
  •  50% lighter than traditional supine breast systems
  •  Patented Dual Flex&trade system brings a whole new dimension to planning and treatment
  •  Rigid and secure with a 425lb / 193kg patient weight limit
  •  Suitable for all CT bore widths and couches
  •  MRI & Calypso safe versions available
  •  COPD Patient Compatible
Product Code Description
SBS14 SaBella Flex™ - Standard Package
SBS14-E SaBella Flex™ - Elite Package
SBS14-K MR SAFE SaBella Flex™ (Calypso™ Compatible) - Standard Package
SBS14-E-K MR SAFE SaBella Flex™ (Calypso™ Compatible) - Elite Package
SBS14-B SaBella Flex™ - Basic Package
SBS14-GDM SaBella Flex™ - Gel Donut Module
SBS14-HNM SaBella Flex™ Head & Neck Module
SBS14-HNM-K MR SAFE SaBella Flex™ Head & Neck Module
SBS14-VBM SaBella Flex™ Vacuum Lock™ Module
VB-T7993F20 Vacuum Lock cushion 79x93cm 20L fill for SaBella Flex
SBS14-WM SaBella Flex™ Wall Mount
SaBella Flex Patient Setup / SIM Sheet
SaBella Flex Instructions For Use
Dimensions: 55cm x 90cm x 16cm (Flat Position)
Weight: 5.5Kg / 12.2lbs
Weight Limit: 193Kg / 425lbs
SaBella Flex supine breast on CT SaBella Flex Breast Support Module
SaBella Flex supine breast overhead
SaBella Flex Mask Attachment Module SaBella Flex Head & Neck SaBella Flex Mask Attachment Module

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