The Freedom™ System is a single modular solution for multiple treatment modalities. Based around a single overlay weighing just 1.7kg / 3.8lbs, the Freedom™ System can be configured for many different treatment modalities including:

  • Cranial SRS
  • Head & Neck
  • SBRT Abdominal Compression
  • Spine
  • Supine Breast
  • & More
Used by many of today's leading Cancer Treatment Centers, the Freedom™ System is compatible with any CT or Linac treatment table with MRI compatibiltiy available too. All patient setup configurations on the Freedom System™ are optimized for Rapid Arc, and Cone Beam imaging.

Freedom™ System Foundation Overlay

The Standard Freedom™ Overlay provides a precision platform to setup and treat patients in almost any form of radiation therapy when combined with Freedom™ System Modules.

The Basic Freedom™ Overlay provides a precision platform to set up and treat SRS patients only.

Description Order Code
Freedom™ System Comprehensive Overlay Package FDM-S-STD
Freedom™ System Comprehensive Overlay Package FDM-S-STD-K
Freedom™ System SRS Only Overlay Package FDM-S-BAS
Freedom™ System SRS Only Overlay Package FDM-S-BAS-K

Freedom System™ set up for SRS

Utilising CDR Systems Intuition™ Frame, the Freedom SRS module provides customized, extremely close tolerance positioning for Cranial, C-Spine and shoulders. This system maintains neck alignment and curvature, retracts and positions shoulders while providing sub millimeter precision in all axis including, angular rotation of the head and neck. All of the precision benefits without compromising patient comfort.

Description Order Code
Freedom™ Cranial SRS and Head & Neck Module FDM-S-SRSHN
Freedom™ Cranial SRS and Head & Neck Module FDM-S-SRSHN-K
Freedom™ Knee and Leg positioner (optional) KN1-WDG-1
Freedom™ Foot positioner (optional) F-WDG-I

Freedom™ 6 Axis Couch Extensions

Freedom™ Couch extensions provide a rigid lightweight platform for an unobstructed 360° treatment of the head and neck. With integrated pitch adjustability and combined with the CDR Roll Adapter, Freedom™ Couch Extensions will provide all 6 axis of adjustment for patient position correction based on Cone Beam image verification and or 3D scanning system.

Description Order Code
Freedom™ Head & Neck Couch Extension SB02
Freedom™ Cranial SRS Couch Extension SB02-S1
Freedom™ Roll Adapter BM02-T
Freedom™ Arms Down hand indexing module for SB02-S1 SB-HP

Freedom System™ set up for SBRT

With advancements in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), patient immobilisation is critical in successful treatment especially in complex cases with higher doses. The Freedom™ SBRT Module offers the perfect solution for patient comfort, safety and increased clinical outcomes.

Description Order Code
Freedom™ SBRT Module FDM-S-SBRT
Freedom™ SBRT Module FDM-S-SBRT-K

Freedom System™ set up for Spine (requires SBRT module)

When setting up for and treating spine patients, it is critical to be able to ensure alignment and immobilisation is reproducable to sub-millimetre accuracy. The Freedom™ Spine module features a low attenuation bridge with side paddles ensuring patient positioning is reproduced precisely each time increasing treatment outcomes.

Description Order Code
Freedom™ Spine Module FDM-S-SPN
Freedom™ Spine Module FDM-S-SPN-K

Freedom System™ set up for SBRT

The FREEDOM™ Compresion Belt is an easy to use pneumatic abdominal compression system for managing movement and tumour motion while maintaining maximum comfort to the patient.

The FREEDOM™ Compresion Belt can be used in conjunction with the SBRT modules of the FREEDOM™ System or as a standalone device.

Description Order Code
Freedom™ Compression Belt Kit COMP-BLT

Freedom System™ Breath Control

The BreathControl™ is a new and advanced option for respiratory motion control with great precision. The device allows for patients to self monitor their own controlled shallow breathing or breath holds based on biofeedback, given in a very user friendly display. With minimal required set-up, the BreathControl™ works by measuring changes in abdominal size due to patient's respiration. Index and integrate into the CDR Freedom™ SBRT immobilization system for simple and accurate setup.

Other Products to Advance the Freedom System™