•  Incremental tilt 0° to 10° protecting the heart, coronary artery and lung tissue from irradiation while allowing for adequate margins from the seroma/lumpectomy site.
  •  Tilt also offsets the patients weight for comfort.
  •  Height adjustable (16 - 24cm / 6.7 - 9.5 inches).
  •  Adjustable Breast Opening (18 - 26 cm / 7 - 10.2 inches.
  •  Ergonomic design affords maximum patient comfort.
  •  CT & MR Compatible.
  •  Indexes to any style of couch indexing.
  •  Maximum load 525lbs / 238kg.
Adjuvant radiotherapy to the breast in the prone position has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of irradiated lung and heart volume in patients with left breast cancer when compared to treatment in the more traditional supine position. If prone positioning better protects normal tissue adjacent to the breast, the risks of long-term deleterious effects of radiotherapy may be reduced. In combination with IMRT and VMAT techniques (including non-coplaner fields), treatment plan options are significantly improved in both hypo-fractionated and partial breast treatments.

The new ProCline™ takes prone breast positioning to a whole new level ensuring your patient is positioned for comfort, safety, ease of reproducibillity and treatment optimization for both whole, partial or accelerated partial left and right breast treatments. Featuring height adjustment to optimize patient positioning in CT or MRI and up to 10 degrees of tilt to move the breast undergoing treatment away from the heart and lungs as well as for patient comfort and ease of breathing.
Product Code Description
PB17 ProCline Advanced Prone Breast Positioning System.
ProCline Patient Setup / SIM Sheet
Weight: 11.6Kg / 25.8lbs
Weight Limit: 193Kg / 425lbs

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